Loan Against FD-RD

Many financial institutions offer loan against fixed deposit accounts. This loan helps you to fulfill your financial need by providing funds up maximum limit of the value of your fixed deposit amount.

Miraa India offers Loan against your FD & RD. You can avail loan up maximum limit of the value of deposits held at us, without breaking the deposit. Once you take the loan against FD & RD, you can easily invest this amount in your required field without any hassle. You need not to close the deposit prematurely, you can avail the loan facility at very low interest rates.

  1. One more advantage of taking loan against fixed deposit is that you can get a loan at comparatively lower rates of interest than other personal loans.
  2. For a maximum of 80% of the face value of deposit, and including the interest accrued on the deposit.
  3. Loans against FD & RDs can be taken for any tenure as long as it should not exceed the tenure of your fixed deposits.
  4. At and interest rate of 5% higher than your base rate of deposit.